Sunday, October 21, 2007

a little green goes a long way

I also want to share my joy with you about the fact that th'usband and I have a fully functioning toilet, just a year and a half after our original renovation was completed. It turns out the old bowl had a casting flaw that interfered with the air intake necessary for the thing to flush reliably. Th'usband persuaded the manufacturer to send us a replacement, and the old one is now in our living room, sporting a little clump of what looks like bamboo but is secretly a palm. It's amazing how a few plants can brighten a room, we agree--but the main thing I just can't stop grinning about is that we have a working bathroom!

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ithinkwithyou said...

Oh mazel tov, lady! You poor lovelies, what a reno nightmare that whole thing was. So glad it's finally closed.