Sunday, July 1, 2007

beer update

I haven't said much about the beer lately. We're back to having two different brews on tap, a Witbier and a Porter, after running dry following my birthday party last month. I'm quite pleased with both, and like the contrast of light and dark beers.

Yesterday, I cooked up a batch of pale ale that I intend to dry hop with chiles when I transfer it to my new secondary fermenter, a glass carboy that minimizes oxidation and hence permits longer lagering. A recipe I found for chile beer in Zymurgy recommended 'New Mexico chiles,' which I don't think are available around here, but since the real inspiration for this batch was an unforgettable pint of Sigda's Green Chili at Coopersmith's Pub last summer in Fort Collins, I think I'll go with their mix of Anaheim and serrano chiles. I'd love some quantity guidelines from any brewers out there who might be reading this.


Rob & Brenda said...

Brewpastor is as knowledgeable about this as anyone.

cathye said...

i need to come up and taste this stuff!

you don't know snuffy? riki tiki tavi is one of my favorite things, but not related to snuffy in any way, as far as i can tell?

Ryan W. said...

I'm a brewer. I'm cathy's friend. I don't have any guidelines tho. I made my first batch recently. I don't get to drink it for another week, tho. I'll be thrilled if it's potable. I don't really believe it will be.