Friday, March 16, 2007

Beer Run

The brown cabinet to the left is my new bar, which I inherited from one of three brewing uncles. This particular uncle gave it up out of concern for his blood sugar, and because the current site of fraternal competition seems to be weight loss, and because his brewing son lives a mile away, just far enough that he can use the walk to justify a drink.

The BrewUncs and cousin gave up bottles years ago and claim to have invented these bars, which house two 5-gallon kegs, a CO2 regulator, and the cooling element from a dorm refrigerator. "Oh cool," said my friend K. when I told him what I was driving down to South Carolina to pick up, "a kegerator."

Um, yeah. A kegerator.

Would you believe I fit that thing in the back seat of a Prius? Not a centimeter to spare....

Tomorrow: the first two batches

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